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  1. Rusty Silver
  2. Rikki Ericson
    Rikki Ericson
    Tempering the message of glorious excitement to one of simply playing guitar.
  3. toddfan
    toddfan Dave-B
    I like your bridge in the slimline aluminum you know yet what it would cost to get one that would fit a Gretsch G6118-T Annie model? I would want it for 11 gauge string sets with a wound G string...and, it would need to ship to Kansas in the US. If you do not know these things yet, please let me know when you arrive at those decisions!
    1. Dave-B
      Thanks for your message. PM sent :)
      Sep 7, 2017
  4. Mudshark
    Postman is here!
  5. milnthorpe31584
    Playing and enjoying music - keeps things simple!
  6. Riphraff
  7. Kevmoe
    Hello all Newbie here.Just picked up a 2000 Tenn Rose.Went to check out 5420s But the rose just all around great.2000 good year? Hello again
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  8. DrumBob
    DrumBob englishman
    Dave...Please text me tomorrow with your phone number: 973-222-8975. I'm quitting Gretsch-Talk, simply because I have nothing more worthwhile to discuss concerning Gretsch guitars, but I want to stay in touch with you. Still considering a Vox Phantom replica. let's discuss. Thanks.

  9. larryr
    Not I, Not I, but the wind that blows through me.
  10. Berington
    The Beatunes, one of the leading Beatles Tribute bands in L.A. NO wigs or costumes, but Gretsch was there from the start, over 10 yrs ago!
  11. Green Hornet
    Green Hornet
    Green Hornet has a big stinger!
  12. Mudshark
    All is calm on the Western front
  13. iambic
    Eye of the tiger!
  14. Mudshark
    Being an outstanding member
  15. flippinguitars
  16. Mudshark
    Happy Canada Day
  17. guto
    Duo jet 62 reissue
  18. RTJames
    Just picked up my G5420T in Fairlane Blue!
  19. Ferghal
    I contracted the Gretsch disease back in 81. No cure yet!!!
  20. jayguitar
    G6120 SHA, G6119-1959, G3140, G3150, G3161