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  1. Sir Dunnings
    Sir Dunnings Falcon LPB
    I know I’m contributing a little late here, but I recently acquired a Lake Placid Blue Falcon and saw that you were compiling a list of known serial numbers. Mine is Serial no.: JT18124924. It was purchased in Brisbane, Australia in November 2019. It’s a mighty guitar!
  2. damianx66
    damianx66 Hamoftruth
    Hi i like the falcon, where in PA are you I am in NYC
  3. Gregor
    I may not always be right but I'm never wrong
  4. falcondvr
    At CAAS with Guy Van Duser
  5. bigjohnbates
    Somewhere with a guitar right now ....
  6. Winejock
    6119-62 ht
  7. ahlycnlys01
  8. bruce bennett
    bruce bennett
    hanging out in Chattanooga TN, and whittl'in on some wood.
  9. jayguitar
    jayguitar davenumber2
    No problem Dave. That was the only
    question I had. Thanks for your response. I have no reservations on
    the trade. I’m just keeping an eye on
    the weather. I am concerned about snow. I will continue to monitor the forecast on the weather channel.
    1. davenumber2 likes this.
  10. jayguitar
    jayguitar davenumber2
    I forgot to ask... does the S G have a
    set neck or is it a bolt on? I didn’t see in the pictures.
    1. davenumber2
      Set neck.
      Jan 2, 2020
      jayguitar likes this.
    2. davenumber2
      Is there anything else you’d like to know or specific pictures you want to see? I’d hate to drive all that way and have any reservations about the trade.
      Jan 2, 2020
  11. jayguitar
    jayguitar davenumber2
    Hi Dave,
    Actually the Love’s Travel Stop would
    be a better place to meet. I’m watching the weather and they are predicting snow flurries on Saturday
    but maybe we can dodge the bullet.
    I hope so. I will keep an eye out for updates. Looking forward to Saturday. Jay
    1. davenumber2
      Sounds good. Thanks.
      Jan 1, 2020
  12. jayguitar
    jayguitar davenumber2
    I forgot to mention: the guitar is walnut brown color and comes with
    a tan Gretsch leather 60’s style strap. My cell phone number is:
    (678) 982-4666.
  13. jayguitar
    jayguitar davenumber2
    Hi, I am jayguitar on this site. I have been a member since 2016. I am interested in your Gibson. I have a Gretsch g 5122 in showroom condition. It comes with a Gretsch hard shell case. I would be interested in an even trade. I live in
    If you are interested in this trade please advise and I will send you photos. Thanks,
    Arthur Jay Johnson
  14. nncybrrs01
  15. BatmansGretsch
    'Trons surrounded by 'Trons.
  16. pcns
  17. stulevine
    Just got my first Gretch. A sweet G5422TG Limited Edition Electromatic in midnight sapphire
  18. Teflon Dave
    Teflon Dave
    I snagged a closet queen 2007 5120! Pretty sweet!
  19. sluttyhearts
    Still sucking at guitar
  20. Ducerro
    Lookin' for guitars in all the wrong places...
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