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  1. GretschZen
    G2655T Streamliner Jr.
  2. Rick0965
    I love my new Pro Jet, but the Bigsby arm is SOOOO high, compared to my G6120dsw. Can anyone offer a fix?
  3. Bass guy
    Bass guy
    Electrotone, Male, from Devon, Alberta, Canada
  4. jarrodtaylor
  5. DannyB
    Guitar player for 43 years, Gretsch 2622LH Player for 2 years
  6. Greasygretsch
  7. Greasygretsch
  8. Big ian
    Big ian
    Hi guys I’m in the Uk looking for a g5125 or a g5129
  9. GuitarCrazy
    Howdy fellow Grestch enthusiasts! - Glad to join the forum - I love collecting Classic Guitars although I'm pretty new at it
  10. dlwilliams48
    dlwilliams48 Camuel
    Ah, thought that was you. Yes, this is Don. I only went to a couple of the jams, but they were always fun. The only "RMMGA" activity I do is once a year or so I try to get to Atlanta to play with a group of folks who meet monthly. It is about a 2 hour drive for me so I don't do it as often as I like. Good to see you on here. Got my first Gretsch a few months ago and enjoying it a lot.
  11. dlwilliams48
    dlwilliams48 Camuel
    Apologies if this is way off target but you look vaguely familiar... wondering if you have ever come to Atlanta to attend a gathering at "Little Brothers Blues"? Or maybe a member of RMMGA? It has been a while so I could be mistaken.
    1. Camuel
      You got me! Would this be Don by any chance? I went to Little Brother's jam maybe six times? I go to RMMGA too, but in the UK.
      Apr 9, 2019
  12. mandobandit
    Nashville 6120 Players Edition
  13. JC higgy
    JC higgy BlueSunday
    Welcome to GT Patrick!
  14. BlueSunday
    Hello, I'm new over here ...
  15. Sabato
    Lake Placid Blue Falcon
  16. jmkoeln
    Totally Gretsched...!
  17. J_O_D
    J_O_D Nautilus Guitars
    Greetings! Very nice work on the Malcom build... Are you still making the repro Burns tailpieces?
  18. Gary Haigh
    Gary Haigh
    Always smiling :-)
  19. Gary Haigh
    Gary Haigh
    Goodbye Fender, hello Gretsch
  20. Jochie
    Fingerpicking good !
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