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  1. mike G
    mike G
    Gretsch 5438 / G2622T, Eastman AR372CE, Gibson L4A, and a banjo.and keys ..
  2. bern21
    I had a 1960s style pickguard made for the Super Chet that says - Super Chet Special. Looks great!
  3. SteveTR01
    SteveTR01 Jelly Roll Horton
    Here it is again!!
  4. dlew919
    Let's do this...
  5. SteveTR01
    SteveTR01 Jelly Roll Horton
    Hey Jelly, here is my email. Gotta be big!
    1. Jelly Roll Horton
      Jelly Roll Horton
      Files sent, Steve.
      Feb 9, 2019
  6. btljuic3
  7. DrumBob
    DrumBob englishman
    Thanks, Dave. Much appreciated.

  8. DrumBob
    DrumBob englishman
    Dave...I want to discuss something with you and hope you'll not be insulted or hurt. I have decided to sell the Billy Bo you built for me. Truth is, we just haven't bonded the way I had hoped. I would like to put it up for sale here on this forum, as I think I could sell it quicker and for more $$. I hope you're agreeable to that. Thanks.

    1. englishman
      Hey Bob, by all means, I know you rotate guitars a lot and frankly I'm surprised it made it this long.
      Feb 1, 2019
  9. Mudshark
    Playing with the Changes
  10. groundcat
    I've only own one Gretsch, but I love it!
  11. Wellcome Home
    Wellcome Home
    Los peregrinos no arraigamos bien
  12. SimonTheImpaler
    Will only spend silly money on an axe when I think I'm good enough...
  13. mike G
    mike G
    Got back the G2622T from nice luthier & changed the stock Broadtrons for BT Filtertrons , welcome home !
  14. Far To Many
    Far To Many
    Living Life one Gretsch at a time.
  15. shnfrstrs01
  16. karol
    Just bought black 5422T...
  17. Far To Many
    Far To Many
    My wife thought I had alot of guitars, then I showed her Rick Nielsen's collection.
  18. Howard hughes
    Howard hughes
    positivity breeds positivity
  19. tattude1
    Music is Life
  20. JoeyC810
    Looking for thoughts on the 5230t ft.