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  1. threevok
  2. Frank2
    Frank2 Gretsch-Talk
    Proud Owner of a 1972 Gretsch "Super Chet" , 46 years old and still on the road with me.
    Best guitar I ever played.. I played them all Les Paul, Fender Strats, Telecasters, Richenbakers, Gibson and on and on....I have dropped it, fell over on the floor, etc. still in tune. I play 120 to 150 gigs a year, it is still by my side and maybe to the grave. Jim 75 and still kick'in"
  3. Conradlyamfrankl
  4. alebrsns01
  5. El Marin
    El Marin
    Turn OFF the TV, turn ON the amp
  6. SoundsLikeGretsch
    My Gretsch Guitars: Reverend Horton Heat G6120RHH, G5230T Electromatic Jet Firebird Red, G5422DC-12 (12-string)
  7. JCarno
    JCarno MisterZ
    Ha! I just copy and paste. Looking forward to going there and trying some vino!!
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  8. JCarno
    JCarno MisterZ
    Just a heads up. The link on your profile does not take you directly to the winery web page. I think this is a better option:
    1. MisterZ
      Good catch! URL has been fixed. (I can spell, but typing can be an issue.)
      Sep 23, 2018
  9. MichaelHargis
    1959 Gretsch 6186/345 Clipper Stereo Varitone
  10. JetScreamer
    Friend of Judy Jetson
  11. Howard hughes
    Howard hughes
    I have got to just shut up on here!
  12. instroverb
    New Broadway Jade Penguin owner!
  13. dnsecmls01
  14. lateblmr
    this week...rockabilly basics with Carl Perkins...See how it goes.
  15. lateblmr
    Learning, Finally!
  16. postbopordie
    postbopordie Kristi Hart
    please call me RE vibrolux 401 419 0621
  17. amps for sale
    amps for sale
    and then some.......
  18. Charlie westside
    Charlie westside
    Happy Gretsch day!!!
  19. Charlie westside
    Charlie westside
    Trying understand the difference between Blacktop Filtertrons and other Gretsch pickups
  20. Cubas
    Helllo world!
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    2. Charlie westside
      Charlie westside
      Welcome!!! Cubas?
      are you of Cuban descent?
      Aug 8, 2018