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  1. dafreeze
    Back in the saddle again
  2. Howard hughes
    Howard hughes threevok
    nacho libre is a religion for me! i think i can quote the entire film!
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    2. threevok
      I've only watched it twice so far. The whole family laughs out loud. You have to admire Black's lack of self-conscientiousness.
      Jul 19, 2018 at 3:45 PM
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  3. CKC411
    CKC411 Howard hughes
    I love the color of your guitar!
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    2. Howard hughes
      Howard hughes
      is that your guitar in your avatar? wow! ide love one of those! mine is pretty nice but i think that has the upper hand. and thanks
      Jul 15, 2018 at 7:20 PM
  4. Adamf
    I got my first Gretsch the other day it’s a G2420T. What would be the best strings for Playing rockabilly?
  5. Synchro
    Thinking there are more Supertrons in my future.
  6. Synchro
    Anxious! Anxious to go to town and get some BBQ. :)
  7. DavidKymo
    Interested in a G2820
  8. CKC411
    CKC411 Strato67
    Do you still have Blues Junior? Take $300 delivered to FL?
  9. Kmgr941
  10. MichaelHargis
  11. MichaelHargis
    Customized Gretsch 2008 G5120/G6122 125th Anniversary Black & Crome with White Binding.GFS Filtrons
  12. hemmes
  13. DougCraft
    I Know Nothing!
  14. Davos
    Davos johnny g
    As long as the bridge isn't attached, say, with pins, then just loosen the strings enough to twist out the bridge. it really should just fall out. The strings may need to be quite loose to do it, you don't want to scratch the surface of the guitar as you rotate the bridge out. Good luck!
  15. Szyzzerz
    Just signed up, thanks for having me
  16. Fibertone guitars
  17. Joe JL
    Joe JL
    Loved the guitar since I was a kid and have been playing over 45 years. Still have my first beginners guitar, as well as a few more now.
  18. DougCraft
    I Know Nothing
  19. DougCraft
    I know nothing!
  20. Joanna Pearce
    Joanna Pearce
    Longtime singer songwriter looking for Gretsch for composing work. Korean vs Chinese any comments?